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Trail Info

Difficulty: hard
Path entirely in the water
Protective clothing and equipment: required
Ticket: required
Length: about 810 meters
Open: from 8.00 am until sunset
Suitable for water sports activities

Geological Tour: Tour of primarily geological interest

River Trekking Itinerary: River trekking itinerary almost entirely in the water with guides and appropriate equipment

Alcantara Gorges Geological Park and Botanic
Venus Waterfall- Gorge Beach - the river Alcantara

An ancient legend says that Vulcan, the Volcano God loved the goddess Venus, and to show his love kept the waters of the Alcantara heated where Venus loved to bathe. But one fine day, the idyll and the tragic love came to an end and Vulcan, in a moment of rage and madness, made the waters of this ancient happy alcove cold and icy so as to punish Venus for her betrayal. Since then, it is said that the basin of the Goddess returns virility to the men and virginity to the women who dive into its cool waters.

The itinerary includes an ascent of the Alcantara Gorge from the beach up to the legendary Bath of Venus (the waterfall inside). Return by the same route, but transported by water to the point of departure.  For the trail you will need a helmet, wetsuits and river jacket that will be provided. To make the trip you must be: able to swim, in good physical condition and not suffering from any illnesses that are incompatible with physical sports activities in cold water. And... do not forget to dive into the water!


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