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Alcantara Gorge

Nature, Sports, Tradition and Relaxation

Imagine spending your Sicilian holiday in the heart of the Alcantara Gorge, a unique place in Italy that consists of immense natural canyons 50 meters deep carved out by an ancient lava flow.  Imagine being able to discover the Gorge and its beautiful scenery by doing river trekking, walking along beautiful the Gorge Trail, or simply strolling along the Eleonor trail, where you can see the lava monoliths carved by water over the centuries.

Our paths... To discover the Alcantara Gorges

After visiting the Gorge, you can rest in one of three Country Resorts on the Terralcantara estate or in apartments in Villa delle Gole.

Wherever you decide to stay, you will be very close to the Gorge, Mount Etna and Taormina, surrounded by fragrant citrus groves and woods, and every day you will be able to enjoy the "zero-mile field-to-table rustic Sicilian cuisine" of the Terralcantara Restaurants, based on the foods, herbs and olive oil grown in the garden of the Nuns, according to the criteria of organic farming.